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Craig D. Childs, PhD - Licensed Psychologist
Dr. Childs is a subject matter expert related to pre-employment psychological evaluations, fitness-for-duty evaluations, and promotion and specialty assignment evaluations.  He has demonstrated expertise related to psychological consultation and evaluation though his work with over 85 police, fire and sheriff's departments across WI, MI, and IL.  He currently serves as a volunteer member of the multi-jurisdictional WI Suburban Critical Incident Team (mental health advisor to the hostage negotiation team).  Dr. Childs has worked with departments to improve the leadership and management skills of employees and maintains an interest in coaching and leadership development.  He is an active member of several professional organizations including: The International Association of Chiefs of Police's Police Psychological Services Section (IACP-PPSS); The National Sheriff’s Association; The Society for Police and Criminal Psychology;  and Division 18 (Public Service – Police Specialty Division) and Division 41 (Psychology and Law) within the American Psychological Association (APA).

Timothy E. Tyre, PhD - Licensed Psychologist
A retired senior Naval Officer, CAPT Timothy E. Tyre has over two decades of experience providing consultation for law enforcement agencies.  Dr. Tyre has provided consultation regarding selection, crisis intervention services, sensitive duty evaluation, fitness examination, training, and hostage negotiation.  CAPT Tyre has served as a subject matter expert on several death penalty military courts martial proceedings.  Dr. Tyre is also a subject matter expert in Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and Consequence Management.  He travels extensively with State Department sponsored, Senior military to military training missions, in support of Allied Countries dealing with counter-terrorism preparedness.  Dr. Tyre currently serves as President of the Lake Country Combined Fire Jurisdiction and was an elected Trustee on the Chenequa Village Board.  He is a special consultant to the Waukesha County Emergency Government director for counter-terrorism and for the State of Wisconsin counter-terrorism subcommittee for military members. Dr. Tyre is also currently Chief Pilot (Special Deputy) for the Combined 1st Tactical Airwing for Jefferson and Walworth County Sheriff Departments

Christopher T. Tyre, PhD - Licensed Psychologist
Dr. Christopher Tyre has been employed by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections for 15 years performing forensic evaluations of high risk sexual offenders to determine potential eligibility for civil commitment.  In addition, Dr Tyre routinely provides forensic consultative services to District Attorneys, Attorneys General and defense counsel on a wide array of forensic psychological issues including Competency and Not Guilty by Reason of Mental Defect pleadings. Dr. Tyre has served as a consultant to the US military providing forensic psychological services in Courts Martial proceedings.  Additionally, Dr. Tyre serves as a consulting psychologist for Marquette University performing risk assessments of violence potential for undergraduate and graduate students. Dr. Tyre is a Special Consultant Psychologist for the Lakes Area Critical Incident Team, working with the Hostage Negotiation Unit. Dr. Tyre has been involved in the assessment and training of a variety of law enforcement personnel including police recruits, firefighter candidates, correctional officers, District Attorneys and other professionals involved in forensic psychological services.