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Assessment Services

Assessments related to police and public safety are considered "high-risk" assessments. These are not basic clinical assessments which most licensed psychologists are qualified to conduct. Rather, they are field specific, employment evaluations which are subject to Federal and State regulations such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

We consider ourselves to be Risk Managers. We do not simply give tests and make rote decisions. We fully understand every test that we give and what the literature says about that test as it relates to success or lack thereof in police and public safety positions. We understand the law as it relates to employment practices. We are familiar with relevant legal findings related to these types of evaluations. In short, we use our knowledge and expertise to help the hiring agency minimize their exposure related to these high-risk evaluations.

Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluations

All of our pre-employment psychological evaluations comply with the guidelines for pre-employment psychological evaluations set forth by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP).

1. Post-Conditional Offer Evaluations

Once a conditional offer has been made, the examiner is allowed to ask questions related to conditions that are protected under ADA and EEOC regulations, thus post-conditional offer psychological evaluations may be “medical” in nature and may produce evidence of a disqualifying mental health condition. Candidates will be asked to complete various instruments related to their ability to complete training and perform essential job-related functions. These tests will also help identify potential psychiatric conditions which may interfere with job functioning. A thorough, semi-structured, face-to-face interview is also included in these evaluations.

2. Bifurcated Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluation Model

The Bifurcated evaluation model is a combination of pre and post-conditional offer evaluations. Applicants are evaluated at the pre-conditional offer stage to identify those with the best likelihood for success in the field by examining non-medical, personality characteristics and traits. Those who pass the initial pre-offer evaluation are then moved to through the next stages of the hiring process and, if appropriate, given conditional offers, placed on a hiring list, etc. Once their name comes up on a hiring list and/or after a conditional offer is given, a post-conditional offer evaluation is conducted to assess for medical risk factors which are not able to be assessed until this point in the process according to ADA and EEOC regulations. This process allows the examiner to assist the department in screening applicants early in the process as well as at the final stage of the process. This reduces the number of costly background investigations required and decreases the likelihood that candidates will not pass the post-offer evaluation. 

Fitness-For-Duty Evaluations

Fitness-For-Duty evaluations are utilized to ensure that an employee is able to work and fully perform their assigned duties and responsibilities without interruption or interference from a mental health condition or suspected mental health condition.

In performing these evaluations, Dr. Tyre and Dr. Childs adhere to the guidelines for Fitness For Duty evaluations released by the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Promotion, Leadership and Specialty Assignment Evaluations

The format of these evaluations also depends on the conditional offer. Prior to a conditional offer of placement, these evaluations must be "non-medical" in nature and will consist of an interview and testing to predict success in the new position or assignment based on "normal" personality factors. Once a conditional offer has been given, the evaluation can be "medical" in nature and will consist of an interview and testing to predict success and identify potential mental health conditions which would interfere with performance of job-related duties. Our promotion evaluations also include a leadership component designed to assess leadership style and potential.

Specialty assignment evaluations have been conducted for various positions including SWAT (operators, negotiators, and tactical medics), K9, School Resource/Liaison, and Undercover positions.

Please call for more information about these or other assessment-related services.

Fitness for Duty Evaluatins
Promotion & Sensitive Evaluations
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