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Intervention Services

Individual Stress Debriefings

Stress debriefings are mandatory "check-in" sessions for officers, often utilized by those in highly demanding or sensitive assignments such as undercover officers or child abuse investigators. The sessions are mandatory, which reduces the stigma attached to talking to a psychologist and makes it simply part of the assignment. While attendance is mandatory, the content of the sessions will remain strictly confidential unless the officer is believed to be at risk of substantial harm to themselves or others.


Officer Assistance Program (OAP)

Our OAP program is a specialty service meant to supplement the department's current Employee Assistance Program (EAP). EAP utilizations rates among public safety employees are consistently low (2-3%) and referrals to the EAP programs themselves are often viewed as a form punishment. Our OAP program has been supported by WPPA officials as an effective means for treating law enforcement officers. 

The OAP program utilizes highly trained providers familiar with the unique difficulties faced by those in law enforcement and other public safety positions. These individuals understand how to work with those in uniform and can "speak their language" making treatment far more likely to succeed. OAP sessions are completely confidential (much like EAP sessions) and funded by the department/municipality so there is no charge to the individual officer or their family members.

Please call for more information about these or other intervention-related services.

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